Betsy and Cortney have advanced degrees and years of experience in leading classrooms, grade level teams, and schools to success.  Both have degrees that include curriculum design with a focus in literacy and years of classroom experience.  With a balance of relevant administrative legwork and classroom experience, mixed with current, innovative research-based training, these educators have the perfect combination of qualifications that enable them to engage and motivate your staff and transform instruction in your building.

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Why is Education Renovation qualified to lead our school?

One of the first steps in the process is to analyze your school's historical data and see what strengths you can capitalize on and what areas of weakness need to be improved.  By identifying these areas we can create goals and align professional development needed to achieve these goals.  We specialize in charting a course for success that is different for every school.

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Our school has disappointing test scores year after year.  Can you help us get out of this cycle?
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Our teachers are top notch but we're not unified.  Can you improve teacher morale and collaboration at our school?
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Educators agree that parent involvement is pivotal in a student's success.  We have a multi-faceted approach to engaging parents and making them feel like partners rather than opponents.  From hosting school-wide theme nights and events, to classroom best-practices, parents and teachers will become teammates in student success.

We have difficulty partnering with parents at our school.  How can we engage parents in their child's education?

Just as every school is unique, Education Renovation offers customized professional development that includes everything from integrating meaningful literacy, improving mathematical number sense, engaging parents, professional book studies, "how to PLT", instructional rounds, new teacher support, School Improvement Planning, and more.  All consultations begin with personal conversations.  We offer a relationship, not just a one-size-fits-all workshop.

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You don't offer a training or PD that will help our school.  Can you customize something just for our staff?

Most teachers are working as hard as they can and are doing great things.  By identifying school wide goals, we can help teachers share their successes and build trust so they are comfortable collaborating.  Instructional rounds and lesson study models set the stage for professional dialogue and community.

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