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Who We Are

Education Renovation is a consulting team comprised of two educators who are passionate about helping schools, teachers, and students achieve their very best individually and collectively.  The team has years of classroom experience, literacy coaching experience, as well as masters degrees in both Administration and Curriculum and Instruction Design with an Emphasis in elementary literacy.  Both partners have experience leading schools, from both the classroom and the front office, serving in multiple roles over the years.

Literacy Professional Development

Is your staff struggling with developing lessons around Balanced Literacy, Guided Reading, Interactive Read Aloud, Meaningful Literacy Stations, and Writing for a purpose? 

There is no other accomplishment for a student so great as learning to read.  Whether your students are learning to read or reading to learn, let us share our strategies and strategically designed curriculum guaranteed to increase your reading scores and most importantly, your students' love for reading.

School Improvement Planning

Does your data reflect the effort your staff gives? How do you use data once it is collected? Does your school have consistency throughout staff development? 

We can align your goals with strong professional development in order to create a living school improvement plan for growth.  Check out the School Improvement Planning package to see the typical Renovation Cycle and Components.

In The News
What Doesn't Work...

This article speaks against many traditional literacy activities and philosophies.  What do you think?

Instructional Rounds

What are students doing and saying?  What are teachers doing and saying?  What is the instructional task?  

Instructional rounds are the most effective way to ensure that every classroom in your school is a place of rich and valuable instruction.  Let us conduct instructional and learning rounds in order to help define areas of weakness within your instructional practice.  Follow up would include: classroom observations, consultant facilitated debriefing, an improvement strategy demonstrated though Education Renovation modeled lessons, and a three week plan for change.

The Compliments Project

A great idea adaptable for any age students.  Builds community and trust within a classroom.  The perfect culminating event for a "Getting To Know You" unit.

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